A vagina museum is coming to London

Ever find art galleries and museums a bit… phallic? One new cultural institution is rising (ahem) to the challenge of rectifying that imbalance: London is getting a vagina museum.

The creators of the Vagina Museum decided to right a schlong-related wrong when they found Iceland has a penis museum, but there was no vagina museum anywhere in the world.

The project will take up residency at a number of venues across Shoreditch this autumn for a celebration of all things related to lady parts. Events include author Emma Rees talking vulvanomics, as explored in her book The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History, a comedy night and London’s only science cabaret.

There will also be a number of film screenings, including everyone’s favourite Hallowe’en vagina horror film, Teeth. The cult classic sees an understandably rather distressed woman trying to come to terms with the fact her bits now bare a pair of gnashers whenever they come into contact with a penis.

The residency is part of a new initiative called SuperCulture, taking place at Shoreditch venues The Book Club, Queen of Hoxton and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

It is part of a wider push to encourage the growth of grassroots arts and culture in the area, in order to decrease the amount of artists who are leaving due to rising rents and chain shop monopolisation.

Other residencies will include Guerilla Science, who work to connect people with science via entertaining and inspiring live experiences, creative collective of women and non-binary people of colour Gal-dem , and artists Dean Chalkley.

SuperCulture kicks off on August 30 with Vagina Museum’s screening of Hidden Figures at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Find out more at wearetbc.com/superculture

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