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Artist Ela Xora taken to hospital after failed hunger strike towards Piers Morgan

Artist Ela Xora riding horse: Photo by Emory Ruegg

Artist Ela Xora collapsed last night and was taken to hospital after 6 days on hunger strike against historically inaccurate comments made by Piers Morgan, presenter on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Announcing her new strike on Christmas day Xora said “I will sit in the seated Cybele pose, with a sheet over my head, in an isolated room in #FuturesMuseum, until Piers stands up and speaks the truth, we are not a massive new fad… I am reenacting the forced isolation of non binary people today (too many transgender+intersex people I know are rejected by their families, particularly poignant during the Xmas period) and the forced recluse status of non binary people and Cybeles clergy the Galli, in early Western culture.”

Earlier this month, Xora targeted Professor Mary Beard from the University of Cambridge in a similar performance art piece called “Sleeping Hermaphroditus Hunger Strike” during her exhibition The Mask of Intersex, until the worlds most influential classicist had apologised to non binary people, for repeatedly “skirting over pivotal and vast non binary history involving transgender and intersex people” Xora said in the press. The artist lasted 8 days before Mary Beard issued a one word apology on twitter to Xora and non binary people. But soon after apologising, she began to like tweets from her fans telling her not to apologise, evening clicking “love” to a tweet which contained an image saying she should behave like a puppy “If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away”.

WorldArts revealed this year that Museum curators in Cambridge had banned ancient transgender and intersex history, alongside the erasure of fascinating and important art depicting ancient non binary deities worshipped in early Western society, like Hermaphroditus and Cybele, because their bodies “were not fit for public viewing”. Xora’s extreme performance here also exposes the tradition in Cambridge Museums of covering naked statues in large sheets, upon the arrival of certain religious parties of children.











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