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Nando’s launches pop-up art gallery at Notting Hill restaurant


A flame-grilled half chicken with two regular sides may already be akin to a work of art for some, but nando’s is looking to expand its diners’ cultural horizons even further.

Nando’s Notting Hill will be turning itself into an art gallery for three days next month, allowing punters to enjoy a cheeky portion of peri-peri alongside a painting or two.



The Feast Your Eyes exhibition will showcase the work of five South African artists Asanda Kupa, Audrey Anderson, Diana Hyslop, Emma Willemse and Sebastian Borckenhagen and will be free to view for visitors to the restaurant.

All the art will be for sale, and visitors will be able to get to know the artists a little better with a VR experience allowing them to look around their studios.

If you fancy getting your hands dirty – with art, not chicken – Nando’s has teamed up with arts organisation Creative Debuts to run workshops at the  resturant, with arty activities including mosaic making, macrame and zine making.



The restaurant will also be getting creative with their cuisine, with a special menu on offer in the gallery.

The venture follows Nando’s first venture into the art world last summer, having turned their Soho branch into a gallery in 2017.

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Article by Ailis Brennan, The Evening Standard, London

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